The Great Western Tube Float, otherwise known as the Parker Tube Float, has been one of Parker, Arizona's most popular and long-running events. This event is a fundraising event put on my the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. The proceeds benefit local business programs and education to foster a strong economic foundation within the Parker Area community.

The Great Western Tube Float has become more than just a fundraiser. It has developed and grown to become a much anticipated special event on the Town's calendar and one that attracts thousands of participants from around the region and country. The float is approximately 7 miles down the Colorado River along the Parker Strip. The journey begins at Buckskin State park and ends at La Paz County Park. Make your reservations now to be a part of this amazing event. For rules, registration and information, please visit Parker Area Chamber of Commerce or call (928) 669-2174 or visit Parker Area Chamber of Commerce

Attraction Preview