Why You Shouldn’t Come for Just the Shows

One reason many people decide to come to Blue Water Resort is for a fun night out with the best shows in or around Parker, Arizona. While the shows are certainly incredible, there is much more to see and do! Here are five reasons why you should not come JUST for the shows.


  • Fine Dining: Without Leaving the Property – Nothing goes better with a great show than a delicious meal. When you decide to go to Blue Water, you will have access to many dining options. Whether you want a quick snack to take back to your room or an excellent meal, you don’t have to leave the property to find what you want. That’s something that cannot be beaten!
  • pool-area-at-nightThrills and Chills – At Blue Water Resort, there are plenty of thrills and chills that don’t take place at a gaming table. Check out our Wakeboard Island or The Marina and get ready for some fun that is unmistakably wild! The whole family will love the excitement and appreciate the beautiful weather found here in Arizona nearly year round.
  • Unbeatable Luxury – Want to relax in a pool, have a delicious drink brought to you or have your car parked by the valet? All of this luxury and much more is within reach at Blue Water. A Blue Water vacation is a luxury vacation. Relax and let us take care of all the little details.
  • Incredible Gaming – While we may be Blue Water Resort, everyone knows that our casino is one of the best around! Spend an evening playing your favorite casino game. Whether you love blackjack, poker or slots, you are sure to find a great way to spend the day and possibly win big!
  • Colorado river scenic viewThe Nearby Natural Beauty – Arizona is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Blue Water’s convenient location means that there is plenty of nearby natural beauty that you can easily access. Whether you want to go for a quick drive or go on an organized tour, you can experience everything nature has to offer without going far from your comfy hotel room.

As you can see, there is much to do at Blue Water! Whether you plan to come for just a night out with friends, or you want to book a room and make a weekend trip out of it, you will never get bored. Just make sure you check out the calendar of upcoming events and see one of those shows too—after all, they ARE one reason guests come from all around the region (and even the world) to visit Blue Water and experience the Blue Water life!

Proper Etiquette for High Limit Gambling

Whether you prefer slots, blackjack, roulette or something completely different, the best thing about visiting Blue Water Resort and Casino is that you have plenty of options when it comes to placing your bets. You can bet low or bet high—there is a table or machine there to fit your needs. However, when it comes time to up the ante, so to speak, and play at the high limit tables or machines, you may feel a bit nervous. Here are five etiquette tips for high limit gaming—at Blue Water or anywhere else you may play.

  • Know the Chip Colors – If you are playing a table game, you will have to deal with chips. The high limit tables mean that you will need to know several different denominations. Learn these well so that you do not have to fumble with the different colors and chips during play and slow things down. Your tablemates and the dealer will appreciate this!
  • Don’t Try to Buy Chips Between Hands – The dealer is very busy in mid-hand trying to keep track of everything happening on the table. Do not confuse the issue even more by trying to buy chips. Wait until the hand is finished and then buy in. You will make the dealer and other players happier by doing this.
  • Know the Game Rules – While the lower limit tables expect that new players will try to play and may need a refresher of rules, this should not be the case at a high limit table. At high limit machines, this isn’t an issue, but for your sake you will want to review the rules on the machine before you try to play.
  • Don’t Criticize Other’s Play – While you may not appreciate how another chooses to play the game (and in Blackjack it CAN affect your hand), don’t criticize this play. If necessary, you can get up and move or come back later. This type of criticism is not needed and may make other feel bad.
  • Tip – While tipping is optional, it is expected. Tip based on the friendliness of the dealer and how well you are doing. You’ll be more popular at the table and possibly boost your gambling “karma” if you believe in it too!

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to high-stakes gambling. However, just remember that your dealer and likely your tablemates are NOT likely to get upset with you if they can see that you are trying your best to follow proper standards for etiquette. Once you are a bit more comfortable with how to play at the high limit tables or machines, it is time to book your next trip to Blue Water Resort and Casino. We can’t wait to see you at the tables—hopefully, you’ll win big!

Do You Dare? Ten Extreme Activities to do in Arizona

When you ask any non-native about Arizona, they will probably reference the desert. While there is plenty of desert land, there are also big cities, ski resorts, national forests and Native American reservations throughout the state. Arizona is known for hot summers and mild winters, making it a great place to visit year round. While there is something for everyone in Arizona, thrill-seekers will rejoice. The sheer number of exciting, heart pounding activities to try in the state is nearly overwhelming. Here are ten extreme AZ activities you should check out—if you dare.

  • Off Road Vehicle Tours – With all of the “wild” land in Arizona, there are plenty of places to go off-road. A tour through the desert or the woods is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon.
  • Racing Adventures – Located in Phoenix, Racing Adventures motorsports park lets you experience what it is like to be behind the wheel of a supercar. What’s more exciting than that?
  • Trapeze U – Trapeze U gets you flying! You can learn what it is like to swing from the trapeze at this unique destination. Who knows, the circus life may be the one for you.
  • Rock Climbing – While you may immediately think of desert when imagining Arizona, there are plenty of mountains too. Rock climbing is always a challenge and always a thrill—no matter where you decide to climb.
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk – There are so many ways to experience the canyon, but one of the best (and scariest) is the skywalk. This glass bridge lets you see the canyon from above and experience the wonder of the canyon from a unique perspective.
  • Pink Jeeping – While there are many off-roading tours, as mentioned above, none is more unique than the Pink Jeep Tour of Scottsdale. Check out the canyons and Native American lands up close and personal in a cool pink jeep!
  • Skydiving – The epitome of thrills has got to be skydiving. Many companies offer this service, and deciding to take the “plunge” in Arizona is a special treat!
  • Hot Air Ballooning – What is the best way to see all Arizona has to offer? Perhaps from the air! A hot air balloon ride is an awesome way to experience the beauty and wonder of AZ.
  • Horseback Riding – While a horseback ride can be relaxing and enjoyable, it can also be a thrill—if you are experienced and want it to be. Check out the different trail ride opportunities in AZ and find out how thrilling a ride can be.
  • Wakeboard Island – Open all summer long, Wakeboard Island is one of the best ways to experience hardcore wakeboard fun. Plus, if you are new to the sport, there are instructors ready to help you learn.

It should be apparent from this list that Arizona is an exciting place to visit. Make your reservation at Blue Water Resort & Casino today and muster up your courage to try one (or more) of the extreme activities from above. You may be surprised by how much fun thrill-seeking can be!

How to Spot the Tell when Betting

In most casino games, like slots, blackjack, and roulette, you play against the “house”—or the dealer/machine. It all comes down to smart play and luck. However, with certain games, like Texas Hold’em Poker for one, you are playing against other people, not the house. When you play against the other people at the table, you must consider another element in your gameplay. You will have to “read” your opponent. Not only does it matter what cards you hold, but also it matters whether you can beat the cards your opponent holds or if you can convince them to fold. The key to reading your opponent is spotting his or her tells. Here are five tips that can help you hone this important skill.

  • Watch for Speed – The best players play at a consistent speed, no matter what cards they hold. However, you may be able to catch a player with a tell of playing a strong hand faster or a weak hand slower (or possibly vice versa). Pay attention to the speed at which your opponents check and bet every round and look for inconsistencies.
  • Protection – One of the most common tells is the tendency to want to “protect” good hand. Look for your opponent to look to cover up a hand that is particularly good. Perhaps he or she will want to hold it closer or even cover it with a poker chip.
  • Looking Back at Cards – When a player has a big hand, he or she is more likely to look back and check his or her hole cards. This is done to make sure they are “correct”. A player who keeps looking back at his cards is more likely happy with his hand than unhappy!
  • Opposite Behavior – People tend to want to “act” at the table. If they are strong, they will want to act weak, and if they are weak, they will want to act strong. This is one of the classic tells—especially among people new to the game.
  • Tremble – A person who has trembling hands most likely has a big hand. It might be time to fold—unless you have a monster!

The most important thing to remember about tells is that they are not a guarantee. Some players are better actors than others or are better at hiding their tells. Other players may not exhibit the classic tells and show an entirely different selection of behaviors. The best thing you can do is to spend time watching the players at your table and look for inconsistencies in their play. The moments that sway from the norm are the ones that you need to pay the most attention to—this is when the player likely has a big hand or a big bluff in the works!


Top 5 “Good Luck Charms” for Gambling

Do you feel lucky? Gamblers are a superstitious bunch. That only makes sense—when you are playing a game of luck, it does not hurt to do what you can to turn fate your way. If you are planning to sit down at a slot or find your way to the blackjack table, perhaps one of these five good luck charms will help luck be a lady for you!

  • four-leaf-cloverFour-leaf Clover – Get out in that clover patch in your backyard and start looking for your lucky charm. While it is simple enough to find a three-leaf clover, finding a four-leaf variety can be a challenge. However, if you have one it may just be the good luck charm you need to succeed at your favorite game of chance.
  • Rabbit’s Foot – A rabbit’s foot is known for being lucky for everyone except the rabbit who lost it! Actually,  the “rabbit’s feet” sold in most stores today are nothing more than fake fur shaped like a foot, so you can enjoy the luck without worrying about the bunny!
  • Heads Up Penny – Look down while you are walking around. If you find a heads up penny, pick it up! That penny might just be worth much more to you than .01. However, make sure the penny is on heads—a tails up penny is known for being a bit on the unlucky side.
  • horseshoeHorseshoe – There is probably no symbol of luck more recognizable than the horseshoe. That is why you will often see horseshoes as symbols in slot games or used in décor around a casino. A full-size shoe might be a fairly large lucky charm, but perhaps you can choose a smaller replica to carry with you while you gamble.
  • Someone New to the Game – Have you ever heard of beginner’s luck? Maybe you need to bring a friend or family member who has never played your favorite game, and you can take advantage of this beginner’s luck. New rollers are well-known for being lucky at the craps table, but who knows, your friend could just bring you luck at another game too.

Remember, when it comes to luck, what works for some people may not work for others. Those lucky shorts of yours might not be lucky for anyone else. If you have that one lucky object, bring it to the table or slot (assuming it’s portable)! Who knows, luck may just be on your side next time you visit BlueWater Resort.

The Perks of Being a BlueWater Club Member

2015-08-13_1052The Club at BlueWater Resort and Casino is certainly an optional experience, but it is the one option you do NOT want to miss. Have you seen the signs around the property, or noticed others with their membership cards? Allow us to tell you a bit more about what “The Club” has to offer and why YOU should become our newest member.


Membership has Its Rewards

First, there is no reason to join a club if you do not get a benefit. Benefits abound at BlueWater. There are several different levels of club membership available, depending on how many points you earn and how often you play. The more you play, the more benefits. All members access benefits like mail offers, check cashing, member’s only promotions and slot tournaments. However, as you grow in our club, you can earn discounts on food and rooms, VIP experiences and even gain access to exclusive areas of our resort that are just for our most valued guests. Speak to our club agents to learn more about the different club levels and find out how you can get the most from your membership.


Gaining Points is Easy

The best thing about the club at BlueWater is that every game you play, including slots and table games, is calculated in helping you earn rewards. Either insert your card in the machine or have the game attendant record your member number. Your action will be recorded, and you will be rewarded. It is that easy. We want our players to gain all possible benefits here at BlueWater, so we want to make it simple.


Signing Up Only Takes a Few Moments

CasinoLandingTopPict-864x322At BlueWater Resort and Casino, we know you want to spend your time at our facility relaxing, playing your favorite games and having fun with your family and friends. Therefore, we have made the process of signing up for The Club stress-free and fast. Just stop by our club desk and in just a few moments you will leave with a card in your hand. Do not put off the process another day. You are missing the opportunity to earn valuable member rewards that DO pay off—unlike other membership clubs you may have experienced in the past.


Now that you know a bit more about the club experience here at BlueWater Resort and Casino, we hope you will join. We know you will love the benefits it offers and we are certain it will make your BlueWater visits even better than ever. See you soon at the club registration desk!

Creating Date Night at BlueWater Resort & Casino

Planning a date night with your favorite person can be a challenge. There are so many decisions you have to make.  However, you want to choose an option that will be enjoyable for you and your loved one and give you options. There is no better place to create the perfect date night in or around Parker, Arizona than the Blue Water Resort & Casino.



Hot Casino Action

Our Vegas-style casino is a great place to spend the afternoon or evening. Play your favorite slots or table games and be part of the action. You’ll love the warm, inviting atmosphere where you can learn a new game or play an old favorite. We are always adding something new and exciting too! Our casino can stand toe-to-toe with some of the best-known casinos around—make it your date night destination and find out why!


Classy Entertainment

If gambling is not your thing, don’t worry! Blue Water Resort has you covered. We regularly host concerts featuring some of the biggest names in music, comedy, athletics and entertainment. Also, we have smaller lounges and venues that feature local artists, DJs, karaoke events and other entertainment too. There is never a dull moment at the Blue Water Resort.


Get Wet and Wild

Another big draw to the Blue Water Resort is the water. Wakeboard Island is a thrilling place to spend the day; while our tube float and the resort-style pool is a relaxing place to let your worries slip away. Check our website for up to date information about our water-based attractions and find out current operating hours.


Grab a Bite

From our in-casino food court to sit down dining at its finest, you will find what you are looking for at Blue Water. A great meal is the best way to cap off an impressive date. If we may recommend the River Willow Steak House, directly on the Colorado River—this is one of the area’s best-reviewed places to enjoy a high-end meal. You are sure to have a dinner you will not soon forget.


Stay Awhile

The best dates are those where you do not have to rush! Why not book a night or two at our hotel and make your rendezvous into a weekend trip? We would love to have you be our guest for a little longer and take advantage of all our amenities! So come and stay awhile—at Blue Water!


Located in Parker, AZ, just a short drive from Phoenix and Yuma Arizona, and Palm Springs, California, Parker makes the ideal destination for a special night out with someone you love. Why not book a room and stay the night too? If you would like to learn more about the many amenities at Blue Water Resort & Casino, check out our website or connect with us on social media—we look forward to seeing you soon!

Ready for Cage Rage 2015?

There’s nothing like seeing mixed martial arts at its finest, especially when it involves local fighters rising to fame as they want to be the best fighters in Arizona. Get ready to see the action this June as mixed martial arts visits the prestigious BlueWater Resort and Casino. The “Cage Rage on the River 9” is the 9th MMA cage fighting event visiting the area of Parker, Arizona as this spectacular event is sure to draw a sellout crowd for this 2015 year.

Cage Rage on the River 9 Event

CR9-Web-slideThis MMA cage fight card is being brought to the area by Ringside Promotions, one of the top promotional companies that offer boxing and cage fighting to spectators. For this year’s event, they are bringing 12 to 15 matches in a frenetic atmosphere that cannot be matched anywhere else. Fighters will be traveling from across the country from places such as California, Phoenix, Tuscan and other areas to show that they are the best when in the ring.

President and matchmaker of Ringside Promotions Joel Lopez has set up an entertaining evening that will rile up for the residents of Parker. The co-main event will feature two of Parker’s own MMA fighters of Joe Ramirez (Pollo) and Daviante Jones (DJ) as they match wits and fighting skills against each other in a cage match that will be like no other.

This event has continually sold out in previous years, so people are encouraged to buy their tickets early. The event is on June 20th at 7:00 pm as tickets are on sale now based on available seating. Ticket prices range from $15 to $25 with VIP seat tickets selling for $50 as this includes 5 drink vouchers. For people who desire a VIP table, they can obtain one for $400 as they will receive 40 drink vouchers. Additional ticket information can be obtained from the BlueWater Resort and Casino’s gift shop.

BlueWater Resort and Casino Is the Perfect Location For Cage Rage 2015

Why host the “Cage Rage on the River 9” at the BlueWater Resort and Casino? This location venue is like no other located in the Southwest as it is perfect to hold MMA fighting bouts. Parker, Arizona literally calls to fighters with its large following of MMA fans that bring their excitement and energy to the ringside. What better way to spur the fighters to put on the best show than to have these people backing their favorite fighters as the electrifying atmosphere is sure to light up the venue.

The BlueWater Resort and Casino also has a beautiful backdrop for the event. The amazing scenic views of the Colorado River entice people to enjoy all the indoor and outdoor amenities that this resort has to offer. From relaxing on the beach to hitting it big at the casino tables, the resort draws people from across the country. Hosting such events like the “Cage Rage On The River 9” at this ideal location will bring another entertainment factor to not only the residents of Parker, Arizona but also to people who are vacationing in the region.

So create a memorable experience when at the Bluewater Resort and Casino while seeing the best MMA fighting that Parker has to offer. Purchase tickets to the 2015 MMA fighting event “Cage Rage on the River 9” as you can root for your favorite fighter as he shows his mettle against other local fighters.

Gear up for summer with Wakeboard Island.

The BlueWater Resort and Casino may be best known for high stakes casino gambling, big shows and top-notch dining; however, there is much more to do on the property. One of the biggest, and most fun, activities we offer is Wakeboard Island.

Wakeboard Island is a skate-park style wakeboard ride that allows riders to experience the thrills of riding, without the need of a boat. Our two towers and cable pulley system creates an unbeatable wakeboarding experience. This wakeboard park is not just for advanced riders though the jumps and rails offer even high-level riders a challenge. Beginners will enjoy learning in a safe, controlled environment in the center of our Marina area—allowing for a worry-free wakeboarding experience.

So, if you are planning a visit to BlueWater and think that Wakeboard Island may be a challenge you want to master, what should you pack? Here are a few suggestions from our experts:

  • Wakeboard – If you own a wakeboard, you certainly want to bring this along for the big day! If your board already has the bindings (boots) included, then you are good to go on that count; if not, make sure you have your blank board fitted with bindings before you head out to the island. Having your own board with bindings that are designed for you can make all the difference in your performance.
  • Wakeboarding Helmet – Wakeboard Island requires you wear a helmet during your time on the water. Bring your own helmet to assure a good fit and so you have one that you know is as flattering in appearance as it is functional.
  • Wakeboard Jacket – A wakeboard jacket or vest is a must. These double as a lifejacket in case you find yourself fighting the waves and in over your head (both figuratively and literally). These come in a number of different styles—bringing your own assures that you are comfortable for every run out in the water.
  • Wetsuit or Board shorts – Women will generally wear a wetsuit (though there are other options), and men may choose a wetsuit or board shorts for their time out in the water. You want gear that you will be comfortable in and that you do not have to worry about slipping or falling off while you are catching air.

The great thing about visiting BlueWater and Wakeboard Island is that you can rent all of the “main gear” at the island. So, even if you are a beginner, or you were not planning to visit, you can still participate.

Now that you have all your gear together and you know what to expect from Wakeboard Island at the BlueWater Resort, it is time to start packing and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. The great outdoors AND indoors awaits!

America’s Top Exhibits: A Sneak Peek

BlueWater_Best Exhibits_link imageWant to know the best spots in the US to check out while traveling or just looking to find something new in your own backyard? Numerous exhibits across the country highlight decades of culture, art, history and so much more. From New York to New Mexico, we’ve discovered 14 of the most interesting exhibits that we think are quite worthy of a visit.


Guitars were invented around the 12th Century, but In October, 2009, a Martin D-28 that was played by Elvis Presley in his last concert was purchased at auction for $106,200. Martin’s legacy is nearing the 200-year mark, and his incredible pieces can be admired at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.


Take a tour through 500 million years of fascinating geological shifts and discover the compelling history of these shifts and life forms at the Natural History Museum of Salt Lake City. Did you know that the Great Salt Lake is so salty because it doesn’t have an outlet?


If you grow tired of winning hand after hand of Black Jack at Blue Water Resort & Casino, head over to the King Tut Exhibit. See what all those tomb raiders were looking for by feasting your eyes on one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in world history, displaying gorgeous jewels, riches, gold shrines and even a mummy at Pharaoh’s Tomb.


Once you’ve been through Dallas’ West Village and the Allen Premier Outlets, why not take a minute to see something that could put into perspective the money you spent? Check out the ultra-rare sculpted Rock Crystal. Only 7 like this exist in the world and this is the only one in America.


Bond, James Bond. So, you think you know everything about the devilishly handsome and flippantly charismatic double agent, do you? You can probably learn more about the man who charmed even the most evil of villains. Visit The Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. How many years of Bond villains have there been? Tell us when you get there.


Head back to Dallas and see some new styles of tomorrow and how the past has influenced the fashion industry. The Dallas Museum of Art is holding Form/Unformed: Design from 1960 to Present.


See which 8 of the 14 Most Interesting Exhibits in the U.S. we haven’t told you yet, and download this Guide to the Nation’s Best Exhibits for your next road trip.