We invite you to play and enjoy yourself responsibly. 

BlueWater Resort & Casino adheres to the American Gaming Association
(AGA) Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming.

We are committed to responsible gaming. The AGA Code of Conduct represents a broad commitment by the entire gaming industry to make the public aware of responsible gaming resources, and incorporate responsible gaming into business operations.

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Since your last visit, we’ve expanded our gaming floor. Under Plan B Tables Games to resume operation with five (5) Blackjack tables and a limit of three (3) players per table. For guests and team safety Plexiglas has been installed at our table games. Dealers will be wearing gloves and face coverings. Designated staff will regularly clean and sanitize shufflers, chairs, and Plexiglas. Designated staff will also regularly clean the casino chips used at our tables games. Cocktail service will be available on the gaming floor.