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BlueWater Resort and Casino Proudly Presents

A 12-week Series from March 12th to May 28th

BlueWater Resort and Casino is proud to present Standup Sundays in The Dig Lounge. Each Sunday will feature two hilarious stand-up comedians in a 90-minute show. Grab some friends, get ready for laughs and meet up at BlueWater every Sunday!

Tickets are only $10 and are available online. Doors open at 5:00pm each Sunday with a 5:30pm showtime. The Dig Lounge will be enclosed during the performances. All guests must be 21 or older. Tickets are limited for each show so purchase yours today!


Gibran “Gibbs” Saad AKA Gibbs The Comegician! is a stand-up comedian and sometimes magician whose bizarre humor and unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original performers in the Southwest.

Praised for his sharp wit and bizarre but entertaining humor he quickly gained notoriety for his standup comedy, improvisational skills and mastery of audience participation acts.

Based out of El Paso Texas, Gibran Saad has been performing for large audiences since the age of fifteen.

A professional working magician before he graduated high school, he worked at the nationally renowned (now defunct) Illusions Restaurant and the short-lived Magic Moments Restaurant in Indianapolis Indiana.  There he developed his magical skills by learning from seasoned pros and performing for local political figures, Indy 500 drivers, NBA & NFL players, and several events for fortune 500 companies.

He gained notoriety within the Magic community for his sharp wit and quick improvisational skills on and off the stage. In 2000 he began working for the nationally renowned Illusions Restaurant a place famously known as the launching pad for some of the nation’s top magical performers. He met famous magicians Penn & Teller, Carl Andrews, Harry Riser, and Mike Close.

Moving to El Paso Texas in 2002, performing took a back seat to college and life. But in 2007 he developed “The Comegician” character which incorporates equal amounts of standup comedy and magic.

As The Comegician!, Gibran has performed at comedy clubs like Laff’s Comedy Café, El Paso Comic Strip, The Sun City Comedy Traveling Club & The Laugh Inn, venues throughout the southwest like Cine El Rey, Buffalo Thunder Casino and The Inn of the Mountain Gods and he has headline events such as The Powder Keg Mountain Festival in Taos New Mexico.

Gibran is also an award-winning philanthropist investing his time and efforts in several local charities including, El Paso Foster Parent Association, Phi Delta Theta, Reynolds house, El Paso Police Department, and the U.S. Army as well as many private charity events.

Gibran is not a comedy magician nor a magic comedian, Gibran’s act incorporates the best of both worlds! He is the one and only Gibran the Comegician! Simply Amazing…

Growing up in a third world country and being raised in a border town, Iggy’s comedic style transcends borders.
From talking about having 4 1/2 kids to growing up on the wrong side of the tracks to making it out and making it standup comedy Iggy touches on a wide array of subjects with a unique honesty that always connects with audience members. 

He’s toured the with popular tours like the Refried Comedy Tour and the Latin Comedy Jam sharing the stage with iconic acts like Paul Rodriguez, Carlos Mencia and Felipe Esparza to name a few.


Mike Mercury and Spyder Jones

A young upstart, Brian Mollica began comedy at the age of 19. For over a decade he been crossing the United States, learning on the legendary stages of New York City, the Las Vegas Strip, and everywhere in between. His humor is relatable, but with a rough edge that makes audiences laugh even when they’re not sure they should. Brian is the host of the syndicated television shows The Ultimate Poker Challenge and Cash Poker, as well as the internet radio show This Ain’t Iowa, an uncensored look at the darker side of living in Las Vegas.

Since 2010, Spyder Jones has been using observational humor about the accounts of his everyday life, situations and interactions with people. A story telling form mixed with sarcasm to bring the events to life for everyone to understand how he sees the world and navigates through it

Omar Tarango and Jas clay

For 10 years, Omar Tarango has been making comedy club audiences laugh all across the country. His clean delivery of material and clever approaches for delivering “edgier” content has made him a comedy club favorite.

Now part of the nationally touring production, The Latin Comedy Jam, Omar Tarango has shared the limelight with comedians Paul Rodriguez (Latin Kings of Comedy), Carlos Mencia (Mind of Mencia), Doug Stanhope (The Man Show on Comedy Central), Brian Scolaro (Comedy Central) Felipe Esparza (Last Comic Standing), Johnny Sanchez (MADtv), and Willie Barcena (Showtime), just to name a few!

Omar Tarango has strutted his stuff in front of Last Comic Standing producers, been selected to compete in the nationwide competition The World Series of Comedy two years in a row, and is a featured performer on the Latin Comedy Jam Tour! Fresh off a Live Taping at the Scottsdale Laugh Factory, set to air later this year, on the CW Network, Omar Tarango continues to tour the country, leaving behind a slew of laughing new fans in his wake!

Omar Tarango is the face of a new comedy generation. Those who have seen him in action will always come back for a dose of more of this hilarious young star in the making!

Born and raised in the state of Texas, Omar Tarango shares his unique perspective on, culture, family, marriage, money and a slew of other psychiatric chair issues.

Omar Tarango delivers each and every time he hits the stage! Don’t miss this “Diamond in the rough”! The laughs are guaranteed to be explosive

Jas Clay is a fun, engaging comedian, who likes to entertain all audiences, from comedy clubs and casinos to corporate functions and fundraisers.  

He’s performed in comedy rooms all over the west coast like: Jokers Comedy Club, Stand Up Live, Hon-Dah Casino, Stand Up Scottsdale, Cocopah Casino, Tempe Improv, The Rio Hotel in Vegas, Santa Ana Star Casino, and The Comedy Spot.

Opening for different comics such as: Gilbert Gottfried, Whose Line is it Anyway’s Greg Proops, Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui, The Man Show’s Doug Stanhope, and more.

His quick witted and fast moving observations make for a fun-filled night of comedy with subjects ranging from relationships to family theme parks. Audiences love his interaction with them due to his enthusiastic nature and positive humor! Each show is unique from the next, making Jas one of the higher in-demand comedians in the southwest.

Sandra Risser and Dylan White

Sandra RIsser is smart, funny and older than Twinkies. She’s eccentric not crazy, drives in the fast lane and can still bench press 500 grams. She believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and clean underwear.Through self deprecating stories and one-liners, Sandra builds a bond with the audience. She entertains them with stories about her misspent youth, young adult antics and middle aged adventures. As she relates tales about her ex-husband and life from an “older woman’s” perspective, she’s quick to point out “I’m not old. I’m used!”, When she performs, audiences know they are hearing a unique comedic talent. Someone they will return to see again and again.

Sandra may not be famous yet but she’s featured for comedians who have been on Saturday Night Live (Chris Kattan), Comedy Central (Paul Ogata) and Late Night with David Letterman (Larry “Bubbles” Brown). She’s opened for political satirist Will Durst and has performed one woman comedy shows in the Edinburgh Scotland, Brighton England, Santa Cruz CA and Fresno CA Fringe Festivals.

Sandra is a rising star in comedy. She plans to live long enough to reach her comedic zenith and when she’s 120 years of age, to win a gold medal in the “Sit Down/Stand up” in the Senior Olympics.

After over 10 years of playing the Genie in Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure, Dylan is “out of the blue” and on the road. He has been making people from all over the world laugh with his snarky Gen-X sensibility and his unique perspective on divorce, dating after fifty, depression, and everything in between. Be sure to follow Dylan on his social media, but not on the street … cuz that’s creepy

John Huck and Paul Green

Jon Huck is a comedian, actor, writer and producer whose humor runs the gamut from flatulence to enlightenment. He performs all over the country and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and This Is Not Happening, Comedy From SXSW on Showtime and Gotham Comedy Live on The AXS Network. His albums Fantasticular Hilaritation and Compromised Maturity are available for download and his podcast, Speaking Highly, can be found on all audio platforms and YouTube. Currently, you can see Jon as Sam, a grim reaper without a clue, on the series My Death Co. He has appeared in several independent movies, a number of national commercials and portrayed a handful of characters during the original run of MTV’s popular hidden camera show Punk’d. Most recently, you may have seen Jon on CBS’s Angel From Hell, Seal Team and B Positive as well as NBC’s Superstore and FOX’s 9-1-1

Paul Green can’t figure out why people say he has “resting murderer face”, or why Disney has never had a bald Prince! He desperately needs you to see what a charming romantic man he really is. Paul Green is not a fan of profanity or edgy content so if you want to see a show without offending your date or your kids, bring them to see Paul Green Comedy.

Barry Neal and Catherine Donnelly

Barry’s beginnings were unusual. After graduating from Northwestern University and completing a successful run in the famous Mee-Ow show (who’s celebrity members have included Julia Louis Dreyfus, Dermot Mulroney, George Newborn, Craig Bierko, Seth Meyers, and Ana Gasteyer), his brother dared him to go onstage at an open mic to do a routine. Barry was hit that night, and knew that stand-up comedy was his next mountain to climb.

Barry learned from the best comedians in the country. Jerry Seinfeld was a regular. He watched people like Bill Maher, Ellen Degeneres, Paul Reiser, and Tim Allen just to name a few. Barry learned by not only watching these comics but by being a good listener when these comics would talk comedy.

Barry’s style is clean, high energy, and relationship material was a hit in almost every market. He quickly moved up the comedy ladder and was on cable and network tv, from MTV, NBC, Comedy Central, and VH-1. Barry’s act was noticed by a production company that loved his Counselor of Love persona, and his act is currently being shopped as a sitcom called The Counselor of Love that Barry wrote along with his partner Dan Patterson, who was creator and executive producer of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

A California native, Stand-Up Comedian Catherine Donnelly grew up in Orange County, and was raised Catholic.

Growing up with three sisters, she is the middle child of two attorneys. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and became a risk management insurance broker just out of college. She quickly discovered that the cubicle was sucking the life out of her and decided to quit to become a fitness instructor. She trained clients at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu until she got kicked out for wearing short shorts.

After stumbling upon UCB and watching comedians like Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland, Catherine began taking improv and sketch classes and has been hooked on comedy ever since.

She’s been dating her Floridian boyfriend for almost six years and they live together in south central LA. Catherine is a yoga teacher who practices new age spirituality and drives a Prius.